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Balance - Love - Personal Growth - Strength


Top 3 Benefits of Rhodonite: 1) Finding your hidden gifts & talents; 2) Understanding your purpose in life; 3) Feeling connected to your community.

Rhodonite empowers the realization of your full potential and purpose on Earth. Every person has a unique gift to share with the world and Rhodonite helps to uncover your special talent. A stone of generosity and altruism, it encourages utilizing your gifts in service to the community.

Connecting to the heart chakra, Rhodonite restores the balance of yin/yang energy to the body. Nurturing self-love, it opens the heart to greater understanding and compassion for yourself and others. Enhancing inner strength, Rhodonite facilitates the process of forgiveness by replacing feelings of resentment and anger with kindness.

Its loving vibration supports the healing of emotional wounds and emphasizes the importance of taking the time to grieve. With two sides to every story, Rhodonite promotes peaceful cooperation to reestablish harmony in troubled relationships. Rhodonite will enhance and offer clarity to one's inner experiences, whether it's during deep meditation sessions or just
simply dreaming. Through this clarity, Rhodonite helps translate the imagery of these dreams, and brings them down to an earthly level to provide a path in which these “dreams” can be understood or achieved.

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