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Apache Tear

Balance - Confidence - Courage - Creativity - Focus - Grounding - Meditation - Protection - Transformation

Apache Tear

The top 3 benefits: 1) Comforting and gentle support when you are grieving; 2) Helps clear stuck energy & patterns from trauma; 3) Cleanses the aura of negative energy.

Apache tears are gentle. This is essential when the healing work you are doing is in difficult territory such as when healing from violent trauma or child abuse.

Apache tears also carry the properties of obsidian, including protection, purification, and grounding. They gently cleanse the aura of negative vibrations & energy & protect you from picking up more. Because of their nourishing and calm properties, they are the best form of obsidian for those in grief or others who may be feeling fragile.

If you are looking for a powerful stone that can offer many healing benefits, Apache tears may be the perfect choice for you. This stone can help to ground you, protect you from negative energy, and promote spiritual growth. They can also help to connect you with your spiritual guides and higher self, promoting growth and enlightenment. Apache tears can be a powerful tool for healing and transformation. When used with meditation, the stone can help to release negative emotions and connect you with your higher self. These precious stones are one of the few stones you can use for intense healing of the emotional body, especially in times of grief and sadness. It brings supportive energies that can bring relief when you are devastated.

Apache tears are also known for providing freedom, healing and strength. Their quiet and brave nature can act as a guiding light to those doing through dark times. This stone can be your formidable companions during hard times, encouraging you to release the self-limiting barrier, forgiving yourself and going back to your true essence. It helps in clearing the heart and emotional body from worries, fear, resentments and disappointments, helping you to forgive without bitterness. Exposing your wounds, this stone can help you accept responsibility for your own healing. It also teaches you the necessary actions you need to do to release them, moving forward with renewed feelings and compassion.

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