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Meditation Pyramid

What is a Meditation Pyramid?

Pyramid meditation is all about getting into a meditative state under a pyramid structure built at a certain angle. These structures are great transmitters and receivers of cosmic energies.

Most people who have tried Pyramid Meditation have experienced complete relaxation of their body, shutting out of all external stimuli including thoughts, and finally achieved an altered state of consciousness which allows them to concentrate on a deeper inner level… to be transparent, some of our sound bathers have shared that they didn’t feel anything different - which is OK.

There are 3 types or styles of meditation pyramids, they are the: Giza (built with 51-degree angles), Nubian (built with 72-degree angles), and the Russian (built with 76-degree angles) . Each pyramid has a unique energetic property when used.


The Giza focuses on the heart center making this pyramid the most comprehensive healer because the heart center/chakra helps to maintain the other energy centers. The heart chakra is often viewed as the bridge between the embodied chakras and the more ethereal chakras and can balance the other chakras. Therefore, the Giza meditation pyramid has the capability to support a wider range of self-growth challenges.

When using the Giza pyramid, some observers have shared that it emits a form of vibration or energy medicine that transmits and radiates Soul-filled light; that it heals by supporting your ability to attune to your higher mind and awaken, integrate, and heal your Spirit/Soul.

For the technical aspects of the Giza pyramid, it is built at a 51-degree angle, which are the same angles found in the Great Pyramid. and helps to embrace the sacred energy patterns of the Earth.


Benefits of Pyramid Meditation

There are plenty of studies that document that mediation leads to good health, mental peace, and physical calmness and helps to deepen or open spiritual growth.

When people meditate inside a pyramid, the results may be much more effective and faster.

It is said that meditation inside a pyramid enables you to attain a meditative state three times faster than being outside of one and is believed to have healing benefits.

It is also believed that the energy within the pyramid improves physical health, helps in healing your out-of-body chakras of your energic body, and enables the activation of the Third-Eye. Pyramids are believed to have the power to create positive vibrations and influence the surroundings.

In the Studio, we use our pyramid to energetically cleanse and amplify crystal attributes. growth. We even put our plant in the pyramid to help support its energy and overall health.

It is recommended that you don’t have any electronic or other gadgets in the pyramid because it may cause a rift in the transfer of energy vibrations and spoil the whole purpose of meditation.

It is said that meditating in a pyramid, it aligns one to the Earth and develop a proper relationship with your God/higher power and nature. Once the pyramid system is set up and aligned due north to the magnetic field of the planet, it becomes activated and radiates blessings within a 100-mile radius. The longer the Pyramid is set up the greater the Earth's prana, the Planetary Soul can be radiated, creating a powerful tool for Personal & Planetary Healing.

When booking your session, there is an option to select the meditation pyramid - use is first come first serve. 

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